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15 lbs Cooked Newfoundland Lobster

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Seafood lovers will delight in Best of the Sea Fish Market LTD’s luscious cooked Newfoundland Lobster. Indulge in the sweet, rich flavor of Newfoundland’s finest freshly cooked lobster. Due to the cold, pristine water that it is harvested from, Newfoundland lobster is uniquely sweeter and yields more meat than lobsters caught in other parts of North America. The meat from Newfoundland lobster is low in fat and carbohydrates and high in protein making it a healthy food choice.

Get all of the same qualities of the live lobster with the added luxury of having it cooked freshly onsite for you, and then shipped to you ready to eat upon arrival.

Interesting fact: Soft shell lobster have just molted their shell in order to grow. The lobster takes on a lot of water in its tissues, thereby increasing its mass and facilitating the molting process. Until the new hard shell forms, the lobster is quite vulnerable and the flesh is quite watery. A hard shell lobster is in between molts and consequently the flesh is much more meaty. Best of the Sea Fish Market LTD only sells hard shelled lobster.

15 lbs Cooked Newfoundland Lobsters (1-1/4lb each)

Price: $195.00

This product is not in season

Prices on our website are for out-of-province trade only. For in-province trade people can email us for information or visit our locations in St. John's when in season from mid April until mid July.
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