Please note that our website prices apply to out-of-province trade only. For in-province trade prices, please visit us at one of our two St. John's locations or email us at for more information.

12 Newfoundland Lobster Tails

A mouth-watering shellfish treat! Premium, Newfoundland Lobster Tails. Due to the cold, pristine water that it is harvested from, Newfoundland lobster is uniquely sweeter and yields more meat than lobsters caught in other parts of North America. Our luscious cold-water lobster tails come from the prized lobster beds of the Newfoundland area of the North Atlantic. Their firm, sweet meat is a superior choice when purchasing lobster tails online.

Best of the Sea Fish Market LTD lobster tails come pre-cooked and ready to eat. We do not ship lobster tails that have not been cooked as those require the use of a preservative. Our cooked lobster tails are 100% natural.

12 Cooked Lobster Tails, 5-6 oz each

Old Price: $130.00

Price: $115.00

You save: $15.00! (11.54%)

This product is not in season

Prices on our website are for out-of-province trade only. For in-province trade people can email us for information or visit our locations in St. John's when in season from mid April until mid July.
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