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Newfoundland Salt Codfish 5 lbs

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Salted codfish available from the cool, pristine waters of Newfoundland. Newfoundland Salt Codfish is firm and flaky.

Interesting fact: Salt fish came about as a preservation means for European fisherman who traveled across the Atlantic to Newfoundland to fish for cod. In order to prevent it from spoiling on the journey home, it was salted after being caught. This made salt cod a staple food of countries like Portugal who claim to have a different way to prepare salt cod for each day of the year. Salt cod has a sweeter, yet still fishy taste, and is chewier than its fresh counterpart.

5 lb Newfoundland Salt Codfish

Price: $45.00

This product is not in season

Prices on our website are for out-of-province trade only. For in-province trade people can email us for information or visit our locations in St. John's when in season from mid April until mid July.
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