Best of the Sea Fish Market Ltd. offers secure, reliable shipping through Air Canada Cargo Service for our customers in Canada.

Due to US customs regulations, we are currently not able to ship products to the USA. People traveling to the USA and wishing to bring products with them on their flights may be allowed to do so but they may be subject to duty and brokerage fees by US customs. It is the responsibility of the customer to check with US customs about specific rules for importing our products to the USA.

Air Canada Cargo Service allows us to offer shipping rates that are reduced in price from other courier services. Canadian customers using Air Canada Cargo Service are required to pick up their shipment at the destination airport. An air waybill number will be provided for real-time tracking of your shipment. Customers cannot pay for shipping on the website and must contact us via email at to place your order.

The airports for which Air Canada Cargo provides service to are listed below. Please ensure that the destination airport you choose is easily accessible by you for picking up your order. Customers choosing this option are responsible for claiming their shipment at the airport in a timely fashion so as to avoid potential spoilage of the shipped products.





If you live outside of Canada and are interested in ordering from us, please contact us at to see if we can accommodate your request.

Delivery Dates

We ship 7 days per week to all of our Canadian customers with no additional charges for weekend deliveries.

Placing Your Order

For residents of Newfoundland & Labrador, we can ship to the major airports within the province (Gander, Deer Lake, Wabush and Goose Bay) via Air Canada but this requires you to pick up your shipment at the airport. If you wish to order from us, then send us an email specifying your order and we will prepare an invoice that totals your cost for product and shipping together. More details about this are shown below in the last paragraph of this “Placing Your Order” section.

Customers are required to send us an email at to initiate processing of your order. Your email must specify what you want to order (Product and Quantity) and we will then email you an invoice that totals the cost of Products and Air Canada Shipping together. This email will contain a link that you can click on to view that invoice and to pay us securely through PayPal with a major credit card (please note that you DO NOT need a PayPal account, you only need a credit card). We will also email you an air waybill number to track your Air Canada Cargo shipment.

Order Processing

Smaller orders of 50lbs or less will generally be processed within 24hrs. At least 48hrs are required to process larger orders.

All orders are custom packaged in 10-lb and/or 30-lb boxes with frozen gel packs included to maintain your product’s freshness. We can provide custom orders that are different from the product listings on our website. Please contact us at if you would like to make a special request order.

Shipping Live Lobster

Our live lobsters are shipped to you fresh. However, we can make no guarantee that your order will arrive alive, as we have no direct control over what happens during product transit. Lobsters that are dead upon arrival would have to be discarded, as you cannot cook them after they die. We are in no way liable for what happens to your lobsters during the shipping process. However, to reduce the risks associated with shipping live lobsters we have an alternative solution for you. We will cook your lobsters for you at no additional charge. That is right. You pay the exact same price to have them shipped to you freshly cooked.

If you live in a remote area or far away from Newfoundland (such as in the Northwest Territories, Yukon, or Nunavut) you should also consider shipping cooked lobsters instead of live ones. The live ones should arrive alive but there is more risk associated with your order if you choose that option. We want to make sure that you acknowledge that fact up front before placing your order.

Shipping Cooked Lobster

We have cooked literally hundreds of thousands of lobsters in the last 25 years and we know how to cook them to perfection for you. By ordering cooked lobster, you eliminate the guesswork associated with cooking them yourself, as you may overcook or under-cook the lobster if you are not experienced at it. Your cooked lobsters will arrive ready to eat right out of the box, and you will not have any of the worries associated with shipping the live product.

Receiving Your Order

For Canadian citizens using Air Canada Cargo Service, it is your responsibility to pick your order up from the destination airport in a timely manner. You will receive an air waybill number to use for tracking of your shipment.

If you cannot find the email containing your order tracking information, then check the junk box of your email program as it may be there. If not, then send us another email to request it again.

Handling Your Order

We recommend that you consume your ordered product(s) as soon as possible, with salt cod being the only exception. You chose to order Newfoundland seafood for its high quality. There’s no point in letting it lose its freshness in your refrigerator, since that would cause you to miss out on the true experience of our scrumptious Newfoundland seafood. So plan to eat your shipment soon after you receive it.

For Live Newfoundland Lobsters:
• Prior to cooking them, your live lobsters should be kept in a cool place, preferably in the packaging that they were shipped in. DO NOT place live lobsters in fresh water or on fresh water ice, as it will kill them. Also, they should not be placed in a sealed container or bag either as they need to be able to breathe. If they cannot breathe then that will kill them also. If they die, you cannot cook and eat them; at that point they must be discarded. Live lobsters kept cool should last for 1-2 days after you receive them. However, we recommend that you not keep them longer than a day before cooking them.

For Cooked Newfoundland Lobsters, Cooked Newfoundland Lobster Tails and Claws:
• Your cooked lobster products should be eaten as soon as possible after you receive them. These products can last for 2-3 days after you get them if you keep them well refrigerated. However, to enjoy the maximum freshness of our cooked lobster products, you should plan to eat them on the day that you receive them if possible.

For Newfoundland Codfish Fillets and Newfoundland Halibut Steaks:
• You should plan to eat these products as soon as possible after receiving your order so as to truly enjoy the freshness of our Newfoundland seafood. Prior to cooking, these products should be kept well refrigerated. These products can last in your refrigerator for a couple of days but we advise against keeping them for that long.

For Cooked Newfoundland Snow Crab Legs:
• You should plan to eat these within 24hrs after you receive them and preferably on the same day to enjoy the maximum freshness. They should be kept well refrigerated prior to consumption. These can last for 2-3 days if kept well refrigerated but we do not recommend keeping them for so long.

For Newfoundland Salt Codfish:
• Our salt codfish comes to you preserved in salt. You can store it (well wrapped) in your deep freeze for future consumption or eat it when you receive it if you choose. The sooner you eat it the better but this product can be kept in your deep freeze for several months if so desired.