What Customers Say & FAQ

From Our Customers

“My husband and I were delighted with the lobsters that we ordered from you. They arrived on time and they were fantastic! We will be ordering again for sure, thanks for the great service!”
Betty F., Riverview, New Brunswick

“I ordered some fresh codfish and halibut from you and I just wanted to say that it was great! Thanks!”
Judy P., Toronto, Ontario

“I have been ordering large orders of lobsters from you guys for a number of years now. I order them for an annual company event. The lobsters always arrive perfectly fresh and on time. That is why I have been ordering every year and will continue to do so. Keep up the great work!”
Jack G., Toronto, Ontario

“Every year I order a large quantity of lobsters from Best of the Sea. They are fantastic, no lobster is as good as a Newfoundland one!”
Walt D., Fort McMurray, Alberta

“Hello, I just wanted to say that the snow crab legs and the lobsters we ordered from you were amazing! Thanks for taking care of our request! We will be ordering again.”
Shawn L., Vancouver, British Columbia

“Our 30-lb lobster order showed up alive and kicking! They were delicious, everyone was very impressed with how good they were. Having leftovers today! I will certainly be ordering from you again.!”
Mark H., Airdrie, Alberta

“Thanks for the great service! We had the lobsters yesterday and turns out the Newfoundland lobsters are tastier! They were delicious! Well worth the walk to Churchill Square! I will certainly recommend it to other Jazz crew and will make my way there again! Thanks again.”
Aline D., Visitor to Newfoundland

“Everything was wonderful with our big lobster order. Thanks so much.”
Alicia B., Calgary, Alberta


Do you store my credit card information?
No, we do not.

Is my financial information safe when I shop online with Best of the Sea Fish Market LTD?
Yes. We use PayPal to process all payments to ensure that your personal information is protected. PayPal has a stronger security encryption than many banking websites. For more information, you can look here:
PayPal Information

Can I use my own FedEx account for shipping?
We’re sorry but we are not able to handle such a request.

When do your roadside locations operate?

There is a location on Topsail Road (near the overpass) as well as one near the entrance of Churchill Square from Elizabeth Avenue. Both are operated annually (6 days per week, we are closed on Tuesdays) from around April 20th until mid July. Times of operation are 10AM until 5:30PM each day except for Tuesdays.

How much does shipping cost?
The cost of shipping depends on your location. For reduced shipping costs we use Air Canada Cargo Service exclusively. This does require that you pick up your order in person at the destination airport’s Air Canada cargo facility. Our Air Canada shipping rates based on weight and location within Canada are displayed in the table in the ‘Shipping’ section of our website.

How do I arrange Air Canada Cargo shipping?
You must reside in Canada to use this service. Unfortunately, our website is not set up to accommodate payment of this shipping option online. To request this option you must contact us at info@bestofthesea.ca and we will assist you with processing your payment for that option.

Can you ship more than 200lbs of lobster?
Yes, no problem. However, depending on the size of the order and whether or not the lobsters need to be cooked, we may need 72hrs of processing time.

Do live and cooked lobsters weigh the same?
No, the cooked lobster will weigh less due to seepage loss during the cooking process. When you order 100lbs of cooked lobster from us, you are not getting 100lbs of cooked weight. Instead we weigh out 100lbs of live lobster and then cook them for you.

Does a lobster feel pain when you cook it?
No. A lobster has a decentralized nervous system and because of this they do not feel pain when they are placed in boiling water.

Can I order lobsters from Best of the Sea Fish Market LTD year-round?
No. The Newfoundland lobster season is open from around April 20th until mid-July each year. You can only buy lobsters from us during that time period. Some of our other products such as codfish, salt cod and halibut may be available at other times of the year. Please contact us at info@bestofthesea.ca for product availability. Also, please refer to the availability listing on the ‘Products’ page to see the status for any particular item.

Do you sell any products not listed on your website?
Yes. We sell other products such as salmon, scallops, mussels, etc. Please contact us at info@bestofthesea.ca with any special requests.

How long can my shipped products be kept in the refrigerator?
Please see the information on our “Shipping” page.

Do you ship within Newfoundland & Labrador?
Yes, please contact us @ info@bestofthesea.ca for information about in-province trade.

Are your website prices the same as the prices at your St. John’s locations?
No. The prices listed on our website only apply to out-of-province trade and are slightly higher as there are more costs involved for us with out-of-province trade. For in-province trade prices, please visit one of our locations or contact us at info@bestofthesea.ca.

How long will it take me to receive my order?
That depends on the time of day that you order and also on the size of your order. If you order early (Newfoundland time) on any given day, we will be able to have your order ready for shipping by the next morning at which time it will be delivered to Air Canada Cargo in St. John’s, Newfoundland. Your order will be shipped that evening and then you will have your order within 24hrs after its departure time. NOTE: Most orders that depart St. John’s in the evening will be at their destination the following morning for pick-up.

For large orders, the same scenario applies with receiving your order within 24hrs after its departure. However, depending on the size of your order and whether you want your lobsters live or cooked, we may need 48-72hrs to process your order. If you want a big order to arrive on a Friday for instance, you should plan to purchase your order earlier in the day on a Monday. If you want a smaller order to arrive on a Friday, you will be ok to purchase the order early in the day on a Wednesday.

What is considered to be a large order for lobster?
A large order is any order above 50lbs. Orders that are 50lbs or less are what we consider to be small orders.

How do I cook my live lobsters?
Cooking your live lobsters is easy. You should take care when handling live lobsters. Do not remove the rubber bands around the claws. Those are there for your personal protection. When picking up your lobster do not pick it up by the claws or by the tail. You should always firmly grasp it by the back (above where the tail connects to the body), as some of them can be quite frisky when handled. Lobsters taste better when cooked in salt water. You should add ¼ cup of sea salt for each gallon of water added to your pot. Use a large pot and add 3 quarts of water for every 1-1/2 to 2lbs of lobster. If you have a large order you will need to divide your order into a series of batches and cook each batch separately. Once you have prepared your salt water, bring it to a rolling boil. Place each lobster individually headfirst into the boiling water. Cover the pot and wait for the water to return to a boil. Once it returns to a boil you need to time how long you will boil them for from that point onward. Here are some guidelines:
• For 1-1/4lb lobster – 14 minutes
• For 1-1/2lb lobster – 15 minutes
• For 2lb lobster – 17 minutes
• For 3lb lobster – 21 minutes
• For every 1/4lb additional weight for a lobster, add 1 minute for each 1/4lb to the cooking time. For example, a 1-3/4lb lobster should be boiled for 16 minutes; a 3.5lb lobster should be boiled for 23 minutes.
Stir the pot halfway through the cooking time. When your lobster is cooked, it will be bright orangey-red in colour. However, you need to follow the times suggested above as the lobster’s colour will change to bright orangey-red before it is fully cooked. Signs that it is cooked are when the tail is curled up and also if you tug on one of its antennae it will come off easily. Once cooking time is completed, immediately remove the lobsters from the boiling water and keep them on their backs until ready to eat. Enjoy!

How do I cook my cod fillet?
Prepare it Newfoundland style! We simply moisten it, dip it in flour and pan fry it in olive oil with some pepper on it. You can add other types of seasoning if you desire. You can also dip it in batter and deep-fry it if you want ‘fish and chips’ style cod.

How do I cook my halibut steak?
Prepare it Newfoundland style! We simply moisten it, dip it in flour and pan fry it in olive oil with some pepper on it. You can add other types of seasoning if you desire.

Can I eat cooked lobster and cooked snow crab when it is cold?

Yes, absolutely. This is our personal preference actually. Whenever we have crab legs or lobster we always eat them cold. For us, it is better that way.

What is a good way to prepare salt cod?

We are going to tell you how to prepare it Newfoundland style! You will surely love the results of this famous Newfoundland dish. Since salt fish is heavily salted you first need to de-salt it before cooking it. If you plan to have it for supper one day, the best thing to do is to take your salted cod and cut it up into portions that you think will be a good size for your meal. You will do this the evening before the day that you plan to cook it. Then place those cut portions into a big pot filled with fresh water. Allow the fish to soak overnight and in the morning, drain off the water and re-fill the pot with new fresh water. Continue to soak until you are ready to cook it. Then drain off the water once more and re-fill the pot with new fresh water again. Boil the turnip and carrots in a separate pot. Boil your salt cod with your peeled potatoes in the same pot together. When the potatoes are cooked, so is the fish. Note that if your fish pieces are thick you may need to boil them for several minutes before adding the potatoes. To compliment this delicious dish, we prepare drawn butter. To prepare the drawn butter, combine ¼ pound of butter, 2-3 cups of water and 2 medium-sized onions cut into small pieces. You then let this mixture boil over low heat for a couple of hours, stirring occasionally. You then make gravy thickening using flour and water, and add that to the drawn butter mixture to thicken the sauce (the same as what you do when you make gravy). You then pour the drawn butter over the fish, potatoes, carrots and turnip as if it was gravy. We like to add butter to our turnip and carrots and mash them up. Tip: Begin preparation of the drawn butter in advance as it takes the longest to prepare.

What is the green stuff inside the body of the lobster and can I eat it?
The green stuff is the lobster tomalley, which functions as a lobster’s liver and pancreas. Some people consider it to be a delicacy and like to eat it. We choose not to eat it for health concerns related to the fact that the tomalley acts as filter where pollutants from the environment can accumulate.

What is the red stuff inside the tail and body of the female lobster and can I eat it?
That is the roe or eggs of the female, and yes you can eat it. It is quite tasty. We call it the “cheese” of the lobster and we love it!

Can I put my live lobster on ice or in fresh water?

No. Never put your live lobster on ice or in fresh water, as it will kill them. If you kill them you cannot cook them. You should store your live lobster in a cool place, preferably in the packaging that they came in. If you remove them from the packaging, just make sure that you keep them cool. You can use frozen gel packs to do that.